Clogger Summer Weight Chainsaw Pants

$219.00 inc GST

Clogger trousers offer many outstanding features for the professional chainsaw operator. The generous fit allows more freedom of movement and better air circulation, all stress points are reinforced, with the tough poly cotton material on the front providing excellent wear resistance. The ‘ARRESTEX’ fabric which clogs and stops the chain extends 240 degrees around the front of the leg area, providing excellent protection from even large saws. These trousers are the Summer Weight style and feature an open weave panel on the back of the legs to further improve air circulation in warmer weather.

Available in the following sizes: 79cm, 83cm, 87cm, 91cm, 95cm, 99cm, 103cm, 107cm and 111cm.


Product Codes:
T61S079A = 79cm
T61S083A = 83cm
T61S087A = 87cm
T61S091A = 91cm
T61S095A = 95cm
T61S099A = 99cm
T61S103A = 103cm
T61S107A = 107cm 
T61S111A = 111cm