Yale Blue Tongue Access Line 11mm

$11.65 inc GST

Developed by John Canning and Scott Sharpe (2007 Victorian Tree Climbing Champion) in conjunction with Yale Cordage, Blue Tongue Access line has been designed specifically as an access line for Arborists who access the tree canopy using a single ropeĀ ascent technique. Blue Tongue Access Line represents a quantum leap in access line technology, the secret to its success lies in the unique core and cover construction. The unique blend of Technora and Spectra provides the perfect balance of strength, weight, heat resistance and elastic elongation. The 24 strand polyester cover provides superior abrasion resistance compared to other brands of access line available today. It has extremely low stretch properties with 0.18% at 250kg, which provides the climber with almost 100% energy efficiency during the ascent into the trees canopy. There is no energy sapping elongation to climb against! The Technora component of the core provides exceptional heat resistance (it has a char point of 482Ā° celcius) which makes it ideal for the high friction created with descent devices commonly used by Arborists. The Spectra component helps with weight reduction whilst not sacrificing any strength or elongation. Careful attention has been paid to the colour of the cover to provide maximum visibility in any tree canopy.

Average Break Strength: 4,545kg
Elongation at 250kg: 0.18%
Elongation at Break: 4.9%

* Due to its extremely low energy absorbing characteristics this rope should only be used for static access climbing techniques and never be used in a dynamic climbing situation.