Treemagineers treeMOTION Harness

$849.00 inc GST

Latest version!

Designed by Bernd Strasser 6 x ITCC champion in association with Mark Bridge and Chris Cowell, the new treeMOTION Harness represents the latest in design and function for arborist harnesses.The concept behind treeMOTION was to create a harness that helped you get to where you wanted to go, so that the job you do in the tree is better. Not just once, but week after week, month after month etc. The treeMOTION has a number of adjustments to help ensure a good fit. Traditional wide webbing has been replaced by multiple levels of narrower webbing which are incorporated in to a flexible back pad. The result is a harnesses that flexes with your movements and supports like no other. The the tool storage system can be configured pretty much how you want it. There are dedicated points for first aid kit and chain saw attachment, but after that, the choice is yours. Rear gear loops are adjustable up and down, there are slots and holes for the positioning of accessory karabiners and if all of that isn't enough, treeMOTION comes with lightweight build-it-yourself loops for the final personal touch.

Product Code: 7333210